About Us


RPG is a company that was born from the dream of finding integral solutions in the design and implementation of the digital renovation of companies through LED magic.

Together we form a creative team specialized in technological innovation and design, which unites synergies between technology and the architecture of each space, seeking uniqueness and excellence in each project.

Engineers, architects, economists, journalists, infographers, interior designers and computer scientists, we make up a multidisciplinary company that offers personalized experiences to our clients.


We seek to be world leaders in technological innovation thanks to the development of a multidisciplinary team at the same time in which we revolutionize the technology industry by providing excellent service and quality to each of our clients and projects.

We seek to transform the way many companies work, providing better connectivity and productivity, seeking the well-being of our customers and employees.

We generate an impact on the conservation of the environment by implementing the latest technologies in the market as well as the consideration of the following environmental factors: carbon footprint, recycled and recyclable materials, post-consumer, or toxicity